The Revolt

Ooh guurrrlll look at you! So self-assured, that fashion only enhances your presence, it doesn’t define it. Your point of view and sense of style aren’t confined by gendered guidelines, you know how to blur lines and make androgyny sexy. We love that you’re a woman with a strong sense of identity. You have a passion for mixed prints and oversized sunnies. You see your body as a blank canvas, a medium for fashion in order to rock individuality on your sleeve. You wear what you want, whenever you want. You get noticed, and fuck ya you like it. 

Revolt Clothing is an online fashion destination for the girl who pretty much hates malls, and needs that one stop online experience to get her edgy fashion fix. Founded in 2015, Revolt’s main purpose is to bridge the gap for South African women and their accessibility to unique globally selected clothing. The name “Revolt” came from CEO Luyanda Sithole who refuses to live by the status quo, and surrounds herself with the rebels of the world.

Join the rebellion & Be The Revolt!

Model (Left) wearing Right Thurr Cropped Jacket,

Electric Feel Tank & Ruff Ryder Faux Leather Leggings

Luyanda (Right) Rhythm Nation Faux Leather Jacket


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